marketing projects

Since 1996, has been working on advertising projects which have to fulfil the diversely different demands made by companies.

 Individual murals and concepts are always a challenge. This is especially so for advertisements, firstly because the message must get across clearly to the consumer and secondly because the mural has to fit perfectly into the general concept of an advertisement campaign.

 Our decoration painting for advertisements is therefore ?tailor made? for each company.

  • painted a cow with decorative illusion for the Stiegl Beer Company, Salzburg which was exhibited in the summer of 2000 as part of a big general exhibition ?Art and Cow? which took place in the Mozartplatz in Salzburg?s city centre.
  • For the Bacardi Company, produced a variety of murals to suit the individual wishes of the different gastronomical establishments.
  • The Heizbösch Company commissioned a huge mural in its wholesaler warehouse in Vienna. Using the association of colours, clients are able to identify the company?s whole range of products.
  • For the cover of the familymagazin all4family, has painted the background picture in the seasonal sommercolors  with decorative phantasy-dogs.