color consulting

The psychological and therapeutical effects of light and colour on a person?s sense of well-being was know as long ago as the great civilizations of antiquity.

And today, there is a great demand for colours to influence the home and place of work. When harmonically combined and correctly dosed, colours have an unconscious effect on people which can be used to stimulate any desired mood. In this sense, colours can be divided into different groups, e.g. those which are important for a sense of well-being, those which are better for relaxation and those which stimulate efficiency.

With this in mind, large open-plan offices are often painted in an inspiring colour in order to promote harmony and productivity unconsciously. Colours can produce atmospheres which influence their surroundings in a positive way.

Particularly important in children?s rooms where colours are used to calm and inspire.

Recreation rooms must be able to create an atmosphere of relaxation. Seminar rooms should not draw attention to themselves but create harmony, similar to living rooms.

Different from stairwells or indoor swimming pools where murals can be amusing.

Something certainly lies behind the fact that colour philosophies describe healing processes.

Hoyos-Trauttmansdorff have spent substantial amounts of time engaged in colour consulting and have achieved considerable results which are worthy of mention.

Colour consulting is a fundamental part of our company concept.