areas of use

In private houses there are many different ways of adorning walls with trompe l?oeil or decorative art

In Baroque times, mural painting had it renaissance; today, thanks to the use of modern materials with traditional methods, no limits are set.

The trend to create a sense of well-being and atmosphere within one?s own four walls is booming.

Over the past few hundred years, it has been proved that colours have a psychological effect upon the beholder.

One can therefore create atmosphere with colours in offices, seminar rooms, stair wells, concert halls, shopping areas, waiting lobbies, meeting rooms, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, fitness centres and other official or private rooms

In this way, beneficial effects on the sense of well-being, efficiency potential, recreation and relaxation and concentration can be made.

Further, murals can, to a large degree, emphasize the importance of a room.

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