The history of Murals.at

Murals.at was founded by Stephanie Hoyos and Sophie Trauttmansdorff in 1996.

They aim to revive and integrate traditional techniques for painting murals into the modern trends of interior design. Murals.at Sophie TRAUTTMANSDORFF, and her team, has completed numerous projects in widely differing countries.

The history of mural painting...

If a nobleman of baroque times found, for instance, the staircase of his palace to be too narrow, he would simply double it by commissioning a mirror image to be painted on a free wall! Examples of these artist "mirages" can be found in innumerable villas in the area between Trient, Venice, Rome and Palermo.

Many people have certainly asked themselves why real marble wasn't used, when looking at imitation marble in a historical building.

This question is simple to answer: until well into the 19th century, there were neither suitable vehicles nor proper roads for the transportation of heavy goods. Transportation was therefore very difficult and time consuming. A work of art could therefore be created far more quickly if the material was simply made artificially on the spot, and in addition, the colour could be made to match the interior exactly. This was a welcome solution for someone who wanted to see his palace actually completed!

Today, many people are again resorting to this old illusory technique. Decorated walls always help to enliven the atmosphere:

  • With a bit of pomp and a few arches painted onto the walls, you can fly down a passage you previously felt to be rather narrow.
  • Art can always be adapted to suit the previously existing architecture.
  • Decorative art can also be integrated in a purist form, just as accentuation.

Each and every work of art we have created since 1996 is unique!