The best and most gratifying aspect of our work is when a customer is completely satisfied with the painting we have created for him.

 Since antique times, mural painting has played a important role. follows colour philosophies which not only create a sense of well-being, but can also, among other things, stimulate performance potential.

 Teamwork is an essential component for decorative art to be successful. The co-workers must have the same style of painting. Historical knowledge, a trained eye and of course skilled workmanship are essential for being able to imitate exactly not only the reflections of light on different materials but also the colours and graining in all types of wood and stone.

The decoration of interiors offers unlimited possibilities

We try to impart our knowledge to our customers simply and understandably.

Murals can not only bring about the apparent enlargement or reduction in the size of a room; by challenging a client's power of imagination, they can also seemingly widen a horizon.

Learning a craft necessitates a lot of patience and initiative. A good teacher, who is prepared to pass on old techniques and their formulas isn't easy to find.

Today, there are even academic qualifications being offered for some techniques, e.g. restoration. The best way of finding inspiration for mural motifs is to travel. Different countries, differing landscape impressions and their different colours all serve to inspire new ideas.

History of art plays a large part in the creation of a design. In-depth knowledge of artists' and craftsmen's biographies as well as the history of their work and artistic development contributes a lot to a successful mural.

In order to attain exactly the right individually tuned atmosphere for a client, a lot of sensitivity and empathy is required. The customer has decided to live or work with one of our murals. The realisation of his ideas is therefore paramount to us.