project schedule

When you contact us, we arrange a consultation without any obligation whatsoever.

Using photographs, we explain different painting techniques and the various effects they can achieve. In this way, we can help our customer to form a clear picture of what he wants.

Depending of the size of the project, we organise other craftsmen to participate so that its realisation can be completed as quickly as possible. Light conditions and additional construction work must be taken into account and treated separately.

Before starting on a mural, we need a suitably prepared interior wall (rendered and ground painted, or as agreed at the consultation).

After a first meeting with the potential customer, a draft sketch can be made. If this is to his liking, the picture is painted directly onto the wall without further sketching.

It is a great advantage if the customer visits the on-going work as often as possible so that details can be discussed on the spot.

We will of course make an estimate for our work. The price is calculated per square metre; there being fixed prices for simple effects, sky illusions, plants and other motifs. We will also draw your attention to's Terms of Contract.

For each and every commission, a unique piece of work will be produced. The intellectual property of cannot be reproduced without previous consent.

The well coordinated teamwork of Sophie Trauttmansdorff and her helpers ensure that the project runs smoothly and is quickly completed.