autodidact development

Stephanie Hoyos and Sophie Trauttmansdorff have learnt the original imitation of materials technique for materials such as wood, stone and marble at the Institute of Peinture van der Kelen.

After founding in 1996, we created widely differing works of art in diverse places. Due to individual wishes and the high demand for the artistic world of unlimited possibilities, we were able to expand our knowledge rapidly.

In order to deliver the best innovative ideas and a first-class draft sketch to our customers, we are continually improving our knowledge of art history, painting, and the craftsmanship of the past as well as the present.

Environmental awareness is of particular importance to us. We have to take in our surroundings by observance, develop a well-trained eye and make a large collection of pictures, e.g. photographic material. This collection extends from architecture to shape and form, the connecting of frames, plans of formal gardens, landscapes, cloud formations, water...

These are all aspects which we carry out with enthusiasm. In this way, we amass a wealth of experience and let ourselves be inspired so that we can work on new ideas for you.